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Make it count.

Sanitary ware is more than a bare necessity. It is the long sought-after answer to the sustainability challenge confronting enterprises.

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Why water matters

With continued population growth and climate change, water stress has become a global, pressing issue, making water conservation more important than ever. Fortunately, our technological innovations have made saving water very easy. So stop wasting and start saving, flush by flush.

For things that count

And for those who count

But wait, there's more than water alone. We build sanitary ware for users, for owners, and everyone in between.


Finally a toilet that pays for itself. With a return on investment twice that of solar panels, IPEE sanitary ware is not only beneficial for the environment but also for one's finances. Start saving now!


By eliminating problems and maximizing user satisfaction, IPEE radically improves the operational excellence of your restroom facilities, ensuring hygiene, ease of maintenance and peace of mind for both users and facility management.


Experience a toilet visit like never before. Touch-free, fully automatic and equipped with ambient lighting to create a unique, soothing atmosphere. IPEE sets new standards for hygiene, experience and comfort.

The solution

Sanitary ware that counts

Large-scale locations

Large-scale savings

Our sanitary ware are tailor-made for high-traffic commercial sites where water-saving solutions can have a massive impact, both in terms of finances and sustainability.


Wherever large crowds move, large amounts of water are used. According to studies, it's estimated that about 60 percent of all water used in a commercial facility is used in toilets, sinks, and urinals. If building owners and managers want to use water more efficiently, the best place to start is in the restroom.


In an effort to encourage sustainable development, governments are adopting increasingly stringent regulations and guidance for new construction projects. To meet their ESG targets, companies must constantly look for solutions that can be justified in both financial and sustainability terms.


70% of all buildings that will be there in 2050 are already built today. This implies a huge need for retrofit solutions to boost building efficiency sustainability. It is no coincidence that IPEE sanitary ware is applicable to existing plumbing systems without the need of any modifications.


Are you convinced of the untapped potential of your sanitary ware? Optimise the operational excellence of your restroom facilities now by choosing IPEE Buddy.


Say hello to the new urinal standard. Unrivaled hygiene, excellent water efficiency and operational excellence like never before.

Trusted by

Leaders in sustainability

Don't take our word for it. Our customers speak volumes though. Many large corporations that are sustainability leaders have already chosen IPEE.


Are you next?

Proven savings


In a steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability, cinema chain Kinepolis has implemented automatic flushing systems from IPEE at several of its locations, yielding impressive results in terms of water and cost savings.

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Sustainable at heart

Green Building Certified

Implementing IPEE sanitary ware generates essential credits for sustainable building certifications such as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, Well.


Great insights for great outcomes


Awarded in multiple fields

IPEE has been awarded for its innovativeness in several categories ranging from design, sustainability and technology.

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